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Serving critical missions for the United States at home and abroad

Full Scope is a provider of IT modernization, cybersecurity, engineering, fielding, and program support services for U.S. government agencies and major commercial organizations.


Penetration Testing - Get your organization's peace of mind with real-world Penetration Testing and Services. Organizations tend to take a narrow, or reactive approach to organizational cybersecurity. Full-Scope works with companies to assist them in blocking hacker infiltration with a proactive approach, by identifying vulnerabilities and potentially overlooked gaps that will give an attacker the footprint needed to access the most sensitive data.

Full-Scope Penetration testing identifies multiple pathways to access the target environment while ranking the potential of the vulnerability to be used by outside threats. Full-Scope provides a roadmap with suggestions for remediation. Penetration tests have been included in smart business practices and are also included in annual requirements for any organization that must remain in compliance with leading regulations such as FERPA, HITECH, PCI, FISMA, GLBA, FACTA, SOC, and GDPR.

Surveillance Camera
Data Center


At Full-Scope Technologies (FST), our mission is to help businesses and organizations of all sizes improve these processes, saving time and money along the way by implementing and optimizing the latest and most effective IT and network solutions. By properly implementing the vast array of hardware and applications available today FST can help you improve your network and network security.

Social Media Scanning (SMS)

Full-Scope Technologies will scan your family's social media accounts, posts, videos, and comments for potential signs of inappropriate behaviors or activities towards your family members. Users will receive the reports about the findings to take action in advance.

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